What makes a good wordpress theme?

There are some clear elements that make a good one wordpress theme, or very good. Next I present some personal opinions about things that a wordpress theme would need to have.

1. a simple, easy to understand, intuitive design
2. code must be impeccable, as simple, without flourishes (js, flash, etc.)
3. SEO must be implemented properly (no random h1, h2 tags)
4. ideally have commercial spaces (adsense)
5. the “theme options” would need to be able to handle as many things and this has to be simple.
6. Cross-browser compatibility – this is the biggest problem (especially in IE)

I will complete the list, as you inform me. Please do not hesitate to comment.
In the next posts I will try to elaborate each of the points above

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Free Glossy Buttons PSD

Simple Glossy buttons offered free for our users. You can use them how you see fit. Please link to our site, if you like our buttons! You can download the free psd from the zip archive.



Portfolio logo – free psd


This is a logo I made for a client, he chooses other version ..so i’m free to share this material. I upload on the ziped archive the full layered psd of the logo. If you like this, please link to our site. Feel free to use the psd as you like.


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white UI kit

New resource of the day, all white UI kit named Cloudy Ui kit

A very fresh UI kit with all the buttons and elements that an web designer would need on his work.
What you can find on this kit:
– few buttons
– a media player
– few scrolling bar
– few media buttons
– 2 search box designs
– on/off buttons
– a “sign in” button
– ratings elements
– a menu
– few selectors
– a check box
– a radio button

you can download the ui kit from here

Also I recommend checking out that guy’s site for other incredible resources.


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2 new free logo templates

Here there are .. my latest logo templates. Completely free!! Please share and link to them if you like  them.


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Angry bird PSD (free)

There you have it!! You all have been looking for this image, The red angry bird I searched all internet for an icon-png with an angry bird, I could not find anything usefull. Here you have it. FREE PSD!! You can use it do whatever you like with it, just make shure you link this site.


Free Logo – Pet Food (free psd)

This is a logo I made for someone .. who  .. who does not worth being mentioned here :P .
The guy did not pay, so … here it is ..FREE for you guys.
You can download the free psd. You can use it the way you want. Learn from it!
Share it! pls link to me :P


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Google Logo

These  are my attempts to make a google logo clone. As close as I can, cause I could not find the font “Catull” (witch is used on the original logo).

Basically you can copy/paste Photoshop layer styles to edit any text, any font, etc.

This .psd is free to use as it is. You can modify it, You can edit. If u want to put it on your site please add a link to mine. Thank you!
*this logos are free for personal and commercial use, no attribution necessary, but certainly appreciated!

*You may not offer this resource for download on your own site without a nofollow link to my site.


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Facebook like button2

This is the second facebook like button. It’s full editable and is also for free.


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Facebook Like button

I made this for one of my clients and we didn’t used it .. so .. here it is for free for you. Free editable PSD of an Facebook Like button.


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