1. Colourise
A two-column WordPress theme with an ultra large header image, a dark backdrop and a fat footer.

Wordpress Themes - Colourise

2. Twilight Saga WordPress Theme
“There are so many books that hit the shelves these days that covers just start to blend together into one big mottled wallpaper. So it was a mild surprise when I encountered the stark black and minimalist cover designs.”

Wordpress Themes - Twilight Saga WordPress Theme-farfromfearless

3. NewsWeek WordPress Theme
“The theme is originally inspired from Business Weeek website. This is a three column theme having spots for advertise block, a featured video, and other functionalities. I might improve the theme in future but for now, you will have to do with this.”

Wordpress Themes - NewsWeek WordPress Theme

4. Superfresh
“SuperFresh is a 3-columns theme based on natural green color. It contains 2 widget-ready sidebars, custom templates, with a featured post section on the main page. It’s compatible with WordPress 2.6 and has been tested in Firefox, Internet Explorer 6 & 7, Opera, and Safari.”

Wordpress Themes - Free WordPress themes - superfresh » Themetation

5. Our Rights WordPress Theme
Tested with WordPress 2.5, gravatar ready, widget-ready sidebar, valid CSS/XHTML, tested in IE6Win, Firefox 2, Opera 9 and Safari 3.

Wordpress Themes - Our Rights WordPress Theme :: WPLover

6. Thunderbolt WordPress Theme
Thunderbolt is a savvy, grid-aligned, magazine-style WordPress theme with plenty of white space, impressive typography and sensible use of images. The theme has a beautiful custom archives page, showcasing the images attached to each post (to appear properly, the theme relies on the author to add images to each post).

Wordpress Themes - Our Rights WordPress Theme :: WPLover

7. WP Imagination

Wordpress Themes - WP Imagination - Free WordPress Theme | Theme Lab

8. Resurrection

Wordpress Themes - WP Theme: Resurrection | Vikiworks™ Studio

9. StudioWordpress Theme

Wordpress Themes - StudioWordpress Premiere Release - StudioWordpress Premiere

10. Ashford WordPress Theme
“It is a theme for WordPress that makes building, customizing and maintaining a web site as simple as possible. A free WordPress theme that extends WordPress software with premium features making it as simple as possible to manage a web site.”

Wordpress Themes - FREE WordPress theme » Ashford WordPress Theme

11. Vikiworks V5 theme

Wordpress Themes - Vikiworks V5 theme | Themes Viewer

12. Lady In Green

Wordpress Themes - Lady In Green

13. The “Charred” WordPress Theme

Wordpress Themes - Introducing the “Charred” WordPress Theme

14. MassivePress WordPress Theme

Wordpress Themes - Introducing The “MassivePress” WordPress Theme

15. Portfolio WordPress Theme

Wordpress Themes - Portfolio WordPress Theme

16. Outdoorsy Theme

Wordpress Themes - Outdoorsy Theme Now Available to Download

17. Guzel Magazine WordPress Theme

Wordpress Themes - Guzel Magazine WordPress Theme

18. Free Premium Themes Check Mate

Wordpress Themes - Free Premium Themes Check Mate

19. Miniml – Free WordPress Theme

Wordpress Themes - Miniml - Free WordPress Theme | Theme Lab

20. Ultimate Baseball WordPress Theme

Wordpress Themes - Baseball

21. Arthemia 2.0

Wordpress Themes - Arthemia 2.0 Released: The Updates - Jubel and The Unessentials

22. WP CODA Orange

Wordpress Themes - WP CODA Orange

23. Firebug WordPress Theme

Wordpress Themes - WordPress Theme - Firebug | Blog Oh Blog

24. Refreshed WordPress Theme

Wordpress Themes - Refreshed WordPress Theme » Daustralala

25. Lightning WordPress Theme

Wordpress Themes - Lightning WordPress Theme

26. Elegance WordPress Theme

Wordpress Themes - Elegance WordPress Theme

27. Leon Paternoster » Posts » Introducing the “Into the White” theme for WordPress

Wordpress Themes - Leon Paternoster » Posts » Introducing the “Into the White” theme for WordPress



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