The best photoshop tutorias i ever encountered.Very good face manipulation. You can find in them techniques, brushes, shapes .. everything you like to become a master at face manipulation in photoshop.

Zombify people Rotten face and skull Living dead
Undead celebrity Cracked face face to zombi makeover
Dead stare Dark eye Evil eyes
Devilish eye Devil eyes Glowing evil eyes
Draw a monster Draw an alien Alien Angelina Jolie
Alien Tom Cruise Alien character Alien face
Alien head photo effect Skull and face manipulation Grunge textured face
Witch makeup Living dead makeup Vampire Gwen Stefani
Elf face Alien skin effect Monster face
Blood dripping text effect Blod stained text effect Bloody guts text effect
Alien text effect Cracked face blood stained sawblade
Hideous monster Ghost face effect Ghostly photo effect
crack and peel skin Demon Rotten face
Dark photo manipulation Grunge face and skull Decaying face



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