How to make a successful blog?

This topic is one of the most searched topics online these days. Everybody wants to have and writes about having a successful blog. But the truth is ..this is a hard thing to to. It takes a lot of work, a lot of time, planing and a lot of discipline.

This article is a continuation of the  How to make a site and sell it for $10000! article and it focuses on blog development part. I will assume you already read that and you made your homework.

Here are the things you should consider blogging if you want to achieve greatness at this:

1. If you think you can setup a wordpress installation, choose a theme, write 2 articles and … wait to get the money, you are wrong!! Stop reading anymore, don’t waist your time. This is not for you!

2. Blogging means lots of work. Months of writing without any payment and before you see any google love.

3. You have to get familiar to failing. Learning from failure will make you and your blog successful.

4. Don’t steal!! Try to be as original as you can! Google loves new and original content and so will your readers.

5. Stay focused! Ignore stupid comments. Don’t let them alter the way you think about yourself. Don’t let anyone between you and your goals. Stay true to your beliefs and your work methods.

6. Always do your research! Always spend time and document your topic as good as you can.

7. Give Caesar what’s Caesar’s. Also linking to the websites/blogs you inspired while researching your a good thing. Your reader will love the extra info they will get from there. Google will also see your links there and appreciate your post as a relevant one.

8. Always try to write about things you love. As I said on the other article, loving a topic ..implies knowing about it. Your auditorium will notice the way you feel about the subject and if interested in that they will also love it!

9. Connect with your readers! Try to develop a relationship with them. Always answer to their comments. It will keep your post alive  and relevant more than you think.

10. Get social! this is somehow related to the above one but this time i’m thinking about Tweeter, Facebook and Google+. Get yourself up there. get folowers and likes and .. try to contribute as much as you can on this social cloud as possible.

11.  Don’t be shy! Speak your mind! Get involved in anything that requires your presence! Go and meet personally your blogosphere fellows! Connections in real life are as important as the virtual ones! 🙂

12. Get real! Don’t bullshit your readers!  They will know when you’re writing about something you don’t know!

13. Write as much as you can. You can write 2-3 times a week, once a week or 5 times a day! Does not matter the frequency. Al lit matter that your content is relevant and that you keep updating your blog!

14. How many words should I write? I’ve seen some great bloggers following a rule of writing around 300-500 words per posts. Other are saying that the longer the post the better. I don’t have any rule. I try to write as much as i can, depending on what i have to say.

15. Keep it simple! Yeah , i know I just advised you above to write as much as you can, but don’t loose focus. Google might love the extra words ..but your readers will move on if they get bored with your “blah blah”

16. Find your niche! If you can find 10k readers to read what you eat in the morning how many times you’ve been to the toilette and how bad is your finger nails polished .. than you can ignore this one. Otherwise you really need to find your place in this informational cloud that is today’s blogosphere.  As I mentioned above, write about something you love, you know and you don’t get bored to soon.

17. Monetize your blog! Having a successful blog does not mean only writing in it and having traffic. It also means you have to monetize it.  You can do that by researching your competitors. Find out how they make money. Study their websites .. see what affiliates they use, where they sell their ads. How they manage to have all advertising spots occupied. I would also take a look on and check your competition in there. See how they do business.

18. Design your blog. We all know content is king and .. the truth is .. if you really have great content it does not mater how your website looks like. But .. again there’s a but! 🙂 How much difficult to get you make your other relevant content for your readers? How easy is for them to get to other blog posts? Is your blog user friendly? If you can’t do it yourself or find a free great theme for that, or if any of the free themes don’t satisfy your need than you should think about buying a theme or getting yourself  a custom designed theme. You can always check out themeforest for great designed wordpress themes. Or find a freelancer do make that for you from scratch. Don’t forget you only have 2-3 seconds to make a good first impression on your readers, design has also a lot to do with that!

19. Speed up your blog. Try to keep pictures you post in your blog not to big. Optimizing their size would be a great idea. I’ve seen more than 100’s times great blogs lagging because the writer uploaded 15 huge pictures in one page. Why would you put a picture so big in a blog post? A normal blog is around 1000>1200 pixels wide. On some retina displays with @2x technique layouts you could have bigger pictures. but crunching a 4800px wide image into a 800px spot is plain stupid and it freezes your site.

Using to many plugins can also make your blog work slow, remove, update or replace the ones that slow you down.

You could also look into some caching plugins .. if you really need it.

All the above don’t exclude having the best hosting with the fastest response time you can afford 🙂

20. SEO! Wtf seo means? SEO comes from Search Engine Optimization. This is a huge topic I would love to get into at a later point but for now i would recommend you just using a plugin that helps allot your blog accomplishing this optimizing. The best plugins in this area are All In one SEO Pack (i use in this very blog) and WordPress SEO. Both of them incredible easy to use and incredible powerful. Here are some basic simple SEO rules by Alex Chris.

21. CONTENT IS KING! Yes, the best thing you can do is WRITE the best content you can. proofread you article, spell check and double spell check.

22. Make guest posts on other peoples blogs. Yeah .. it sounds stupid? Well ..that’s how I first think about it when i first read about this. Why would you do that? First because you can address yourself to someones readers. Second, you will be allowed to write a few words about you in that post. That translates into a free link towards your blog and maybe some readers too.

23. High standards! We all love quality things. So is in blogging. Every article has to be at some levels if you want to impress your readers.

24. Use an Email List! Yeah, i know it’s almost 2015 :))  Why are those so important? I believe this is the most important thing about blogging. Think about it! Why would you sign up in an email list? Maybe because you like the content of that site? Maybe because you want to get more quality content from this website? The followers of your tweeter account are not always interested in what you have to say, but a person who knowingly subscribed to your email list really WANT’S TO KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY.

25. Be active on Blogosphere! Go on other peoples blogs, on competition .. and start commenting on subjects related to your niche. Networking with other bloggers will help your site greatly!

26.  Delegate! When you are caught in other stuff don’t neglect your blog! Hire people to write for you. Hire a freelancer to update your design. Find a smart marketing guy that can help you with that. You can get as big as you want, if you work your ass off, but you can get even bigger if you know how to share and delegate work. Don’t be afraid to do this.

27. Contact. Make at least one way for your reader to contact you. Trough your contact page, your skype, your social accounts.

28. Link to your previous posts! If you don’t link to your blog ..who will? It’s the only way yo get internal links. And it’s a great tool to achieve that SEO I wrote about few lines above.

29. Invite People to Guest Post on your blog! This is just as important as is posting on other blogs. You will get free, unique and quality content. And get a friend in the meantime.

30.Learn from your readers. Don’t be a smart ass!  nobody likes someone who’s always right and won’t admit is wrong. Learn from your readers comments but also from their preferences on your site. (write more posts on the topic you say has more success).

I will keep this open for more advice you guys can think of.