How to make a site and sell it for $10000!

So you are here to learn how to make a site ?

In the next few lines i will try to explain the best i can and show you with the most samples how to make a great site and then i’ll help you setting up a great sale on flippa.

When you start something like this you have many options: you ca start a blog, a service site, a membership site ..or even an adult entertainment site:))

I will try to explain more about the first 3 options.

What is a blog?

A Blog, is a website where you write your thoughts or sometimes the blog posts can be written on a specific topic (webdesign, make money online, or fitness). When you choose to write your blog only on a specific topic you choose your niche. Usually this limits you but it also has it’s benefits. I will write latter on about choosing the right Niche and growing your site around that.

What is a service site?

A service site is a specific site where clients come and order some specific services you can deliver. Here we talk about webdesign, advertising, hosting, Car polishing or even finger nails polishing. it does not mater what the service is all about, it only mater that you can do that service. You can’t risk having a webdesign site made up .. you advertise it ..clients come and you have no idea on how to write a single line of code ..or how to open Photoshop. Usually you can’t make money with a site like this if you don’t have the knowledge.

What is a membership site?

A membership site is a website where people come and pay to have access to your content. News, wordpress themes, designed elements, audio file, tutorials, courses.. etc.

I will try to elaborate every single type of website in this article.

There are a few things you have to do before you start anything.

No mater what type of site you start with there is a preparation stage! You can’t skip that! There are a few things you have to do before you start your site in order to have success with it.

Figure out what type of website you want to start!

This is a very important step. You have to know from the beginning what you wanna start. Each type has it’s own start up prices and each one has it’s own potential. You have to figure out what you want to do. If you are a good writer you can always start a blog. If you have some specific skills you can start a service site and get clients ..start monetizing your set of skill. And If you got the money, time and skills you can try the 3-rd option. Start a membership site.

Anything you want to do is achievable with lots of work and determination. Don’t stop when things get a little harder .. and don’t sell yourself cheap.

Do something that you love!

If you will start a blog and you will write about fishing. If you love fishing people will notice and they will love your site to. If you hate fishing (like i do) .. you will lack the specific terms, the specific knowledge .. and eventualy you will run out of subjects to write about. You will loose interest in writing about something you don’t like.

Look at me for example: I like designing, i like wordpress and I love smart wordpress themes. You will say i’m loosing time writing this article, but the truth is I love writing this because it’s about everything i know, about everything i do in this business. I might not be the best writer in the world …but I love what i’m doing and that’s why I won’t stop and i’ll keep going further. There are many times I skiped working on this site (maybe to tiered, maybe I worked on a huge project and you didn’t  had time .. or maybe you I just need to spend time with my wife) but i’m always coming back whenever i got free time because i love what i’m doing.  If you write something you don’t believe in .. people will notice and won’t come back for a second reading.

Choose a wide topic, a large niche! 

If you write on a narrow niche,  you will soon remain out of subjects to write about. Also if you pick a niche to small you will notice you have already  an established competition and you won’t be able to compete with them. If you have a bigger topic, than .. there is room  for anyone.

Look at my site: It’s called Super wordpress themes .. but actually is about design, creating websites, advertising websites based on wordpress. So if i where to focus only on wordpress themes, i would have been on a small niche, but choosing writing about all that other stuff that involves using wordpress and a wordpress theme expands my horizons.

You won’t be number 1

Don’t worry about being the first or the best in your niche. There is room for anyone. Today there are almost 1 billion websites out there .. you really believe you are going to be number 1? But . that’s the beauty of Internet,  you can be the fifth . the fourth . .the tenths .. does not mater. You don’t have to be and you can’t be number 1 to make money. Yeah .. would be great if you could be but don’t kill yourself over it!

Have an idea on how you’re going to monetize your site!

If you’re going to sell this site for 10k then your site will have to make money. Nobody will invest so much in a website without seeing some money flowing in. If you build a blog, than you need to sell something on it related to your niche. I promote my wordpress themes in here and my web and banner design service websites.  If you have a fishing blog you will promote all kind of fishing equipment. But you need to figure out this before you start your website.

If you have a service website .. it’s clear you sell those services. And if you have an membership website, yu need to have something to sell in there. Honestly on a membership website .. in the member area I would not advertise anything .. except my products 🙂

Make a research of your future site!

Get a piece of paper, a pen  and start drawing what you want to do with your site. Write down the functions you want to have. Find your competition, write down what you love about them and what you hate, what you want different on your site.

If you have want to have a blog  go on themeforest and find a theme that suits your needs perfectly or .. maybe get one free super wordpress theme from this website. Or buy some webdesign services and get your premium wordpress theme designed from scratch.

If you want to make a service website can also find incredible business themes on or themeforest. Almost turnkey websites. You will only have to input your texts and you are done.

For the 3-rd option .. you need more advanced knowledge to make your own site using wordpress (yes it’s possible to use wordpress for that and you can make it for free ). The more expensive solution is to find some developers with experience that can build your website the way you planed it.

 Get your domain! 

This is a very important part of the preparation stage. This step is very important and needs to be addressed with the most attention because this is how you will brand your business. This is how your site will be known and remembered. Also this is important in google searches to.

For example if you will buy a domain called: sounds cool, is close to fishing but will it be better than Witch one you think google will love more? Everybody knows the words in domain name have a huge impact on google searches. Also the domain name also has to be easy to remember. Imagine your friend found and recommended you a great fishing site called :, You think you will remember that name when you got home and try browsing it?

Get A good hosting!

This is a very complex process and I will elaborate this step on another article. But basically you will have to find a host and choose the perfect plan for your website. The host has to be big enough and with options for you to move on once your website takes off and will be more server hungry.

Why I recommend wordpress?

Because it’s beautiful! Because Google love’s it! because it’s simple to operate, maintain and customize. It has a huge developer base. It has enormous themes options. Right now 15% of the online websites use wordpress. Long time ago, the simple blogging platform has develop into today’s most spreed CMS. The simple tinymce editor made this platform incredible easy to use for anyone that can use a word editor. If you can write 2 words on a computer you can become an wordpress editor.

Find someone to build your site! (in the case you don’t know how to setup wordpress and customize your theme)

This is a huge subject that needs it’s own post but i will try to sum up the basics.

Now that you know exactly what you want go and get a specialist. Go and talk to the developers. Show them your sketches(don’t be ashamed to show them your drawings) and let them know your requests. Show them what your competition does, show them what you like abut them and what you want improved on their services. YES, their expertise will cost, but if you’ve made a great concept .. and if you will be persistent YOU WILL PREVAIL! 😀

You can hire a full time developer or a freelancer to do your job. Each has it’s advantages and disadvantages. You can chose one or the other only after you’ve answered some questions:

How much will this cost me? If you hire a full time developer ..this will be a cost each and every month. If you hire a freelancer ..will cost much more at the beginning .. but on the long run will be cheaper. Most developers(me included) will try to invoice you their time invested in your work (ie: i worked 200h, the price would be 37$x200). If you hire an freelancer try to pay him for the result … not per time.  A smart thing would be to write down your requirements and  specifications and not change them during workflow. Expect the developer to ask more if you change the initial requirements.

Do I need maintenance? Can I make that or I need a full time developer for it? Does this has to be done by a very skilled specialist? Can I learn it? Can i hire a student for it?

Where can I get someone to make me a site? 

The obvious answer is here, write me an email. But I will also give you some alternatives:

You can find a freelancer on Odesk, craiglist, your local newspaper, mashable, techcrunch, freelancer or elance.

You can hire someone posting an add to you local newspaper, or at an university .. or local job listings.

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