How to clean your wordpress site from SoakSoak?

How to clean your wordpress site from SoakSoak?

Most of us never heard about this SoakSoak until this weekend. Looks like since this Sunday there where around 100k worpress sites infested with this malware.

This can be fixed if you know how to remove that code and go behind a firewall.
So what code should you remove? what causes this? What all those infected sites have in common? It can’t be the wordpress itself because that would mean 15-20% of the internet would be infected. So what is then?
It looks that the malware uses a vulnerability in an older version of the Slider Revolution. The guys that made that have already fixed it. So .. if it’s fixed ..why are we talking about this anymore?

Because you should always update all your plugins to the latest version!! The vulnerable version is still online on millions of wordpress sites that use an older version of that plugin.

So if you wanna get rid of this malware you should follow the next steps:
1. backup your site

2. update your wordpress to the latest version

3. update all your plugins to the latest version

4. update your theme to the latest version

5. I would install and configĀ BulletProof Security

6. you should check your site for malware on sucuri free scan

7. if you can you should try & buy their antivirus and firewall.

More update on this problem you can find here