This software is al you need to make your own site. All the resources a webmaster needs. hese open source tools help a small business to start and win in the competiotion with the big boys that can aford payd software.
This list is constantly improoved.

Content Management System (CMS)

Drupal LogoA content management system to be your website with a blog included. Drupal is a perfect fit when you want to have an SEO friendly website. It also allows you to manage content without having to be a “programmer” to figure it out.


Wordpress LogoI suggest to all small businesses to actively promote and run a blog that covers topics within their industry. This is a blog entirely separate from the company website, but that links to it often. WordPress is by far the most popular blog software and it is simple to use, and has the ability for complex plugins and features.

Company Documentation

MediaWiki LogoMediaWiki is perfect for all company documentation of process and procedures. If you are attempting to create a real business then you need to create company manuals and document your expectations for yourself and your employees. MediaWiki is perfect for this.

Office Software

OpenOffice LogoDon’t even bother paying the $2-3 Hundred dollars for Microsoft Office. Waste of money and time. Open Office is the open source competitor and it gives you everything you will ever need. And it’s free. This alone saves your company big bucks.

Email Client

Thunderbird LogoAgain don’t pay for another Microsoft piece of software, in this case Microsoft Outlook. The Thunderbird email client is better and cheaper (free). Plus you have the option of tons of addons that you may need in the future but in no way will get with Outlook.


Sunbird LogoSunbird is a top of the line calendar and task software that integrates perfectly into Mozilla Thunderbird. These two softwares combine eliminate the need to ever use Microsoft Outlook.


Zen Cart LogoZen Cart is currently the e-commerce system of choice. There are however many competitors up and on the rise. But right now, Zen Cart gives you a complex and highly scalable shopping cart for your online business with almost every feature imaginable.

Customer Relationship Management

SugarCRM LogoTracking your Accounts, Customers, Leads, and all that goes on with all 3 can be extremely complicated. CRM software can cost thousands of dollars that small businesses usually do not have the luxury of. Now they do. Thank you SugarCRM!

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