How to disable the Default File Editor in WordPress for certain users?

How to disable the Default File Editor in WordPress for certain users?

Yesterday I read a post on Ryan’s blog about how, if he could, he would remove the default file editor from wordpress. To me, initially the idea sounded to extreme, but after reading his post I don’t think that’s true anymore. I don’t agree 100% with Ryan, but the man has some valid points there:
– stupid users messing around in there, or leaving all kinds of backdoor are the main thing i agree with him.

While reading that .. it crossed my mind that, for my clients, a simple plugin to disable the file editor for certain users would be very handy. I still think Ryan idea is a bit to extreme and there will be another 2-3 releases of WP until someone from there will take something like this into consideration.

Now the good news!
While expressing my toughs on Ryan’s blog, a great and smart guy, named Mannie Schumpert, saw my idea and in response he created a small, fast and smart plugin that makes exactly what i was looking for.

A File Editor Control plugin for WordPress.
The Plugin has no UI component, but is very simple to use. You simply input into an array the ID of the user(s) you want to enable the Editor for (ID1- admin is allowed by default).
Guys, please check out this plugin on github share it fork it, star it 🙂
Also check out Mannie’s blog, he has more smart stuff in there regarding this sort of functionality: WordPress Capabilities Magic

Would you use something like this for your clients?

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